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Outstanding characteristics of the course:

  •   5,500 questions covering Quantitative, Verbal, and I.R.
  •   Mini-tests: just as many as you need. Create them yourself!
  •   9 full computer-adaptive tests
  •   A statistical breakdown to let you keep tabs on your progress
  •   Technology that senses your learning level and adapts to it
  •   Meaningful explanations of our custom-made strategies
  •   Videos that take you into your own virtual classroom

We have a range of analytical tools that will raise your score and allow you to monitor your progress at every step of the way!

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What GMAT Online offers

GMAT Online will raise your score with its outstanding materials,
practice questions by the thousand, and powerful analytic tools.

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How does GMAT Online offer the best way to GMAT success?

 Smart, responsive technology

GMAT Online is a uniquely adaptive preparation course that responds to your specific needs and to your rate of learning. Not all students develop GMAT skills at the same time: every case is distinct. The GMAT Online course follows up on your performance, highlighting specific weaknesses and generating recommendations at each step of the way, so helping you to achieve the best possible final score.

 Goal-oriented practice

With GMAT Online you will not throw time away on revising things your already know or on answering questions that are below or above your current level. You will concentrate on the areas in which you most need to improve and will practice at the margins of your abilities because our intelligent and adaptive technology will point these out to you.

 Analytic tools with punch

The GMAT is not a test easy to get used to, in part because at bottom it does not seek to evaluate your knowledge of mathematics or of English. It assesses your ability to reason coherently, and its questions are full of traps for the unwary.

Our analytic tools help you to detect your real skills and where they need a boost: this is the objective of targeted practice. The findings that come from this allow you to concentrate on strengthening what needs to be strengthened rather than on practicing with no particular objective.

What we call Analytics is the procedure whereby data are captured, stored, and analyzed to provide insight. Basically, is a series of complex mathematical algorithms that find and interpret the tendencies in any given data.

 More than 5,500 questions

GMAT Online’s tools help you to build as many highly personalized practice tests as you like from a database containing more than 5,500 practice questions. You can do this on the basis of question type, topic, time, number of questions, and degree of difficulty. You can also create your own adaptive tests, in which the level of the questions will depend on whether your previous answers were right or wrong – just as in the real GMAT!

GMAT Online is the best course that you will find on Internet: this is because of its design and its powerful analytical tools, and because it makes your study time efficient and productive to the maximum.

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GMAT Online means improved results through flexible content, a wide range of tools, and a comprehensive workout.


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Find out about the Graduate Management Admissions Test.

GMAT® are the initials standing for the Graduate Management Admission Test. This is a standardized computer-adaptive test designed to evaluate what your performance is likely to be in business schools and, increasingly, in a number of other postgraduate settings. It assesses your ability to interpret complex arguments; to recognize grammatically, idiomatically, and conceptually correct sentences and others that are not so; to comprehend texts on specialized subjects and draw conclusions from their content; and to solve math problems in a number of areas. The GMAT tests not your general knowledge or your knowledge of business but rather your ability to think logically and to recognize logical reasoning.

GMAT Online provides you with a superb GMAT prep course at a lower price. GMAT Online is also the best GMAT platform to accompany those whose studies include in-person courses and books. Learn with us what to learn for the GMAT, and how to learn it.

A good workout with GMAT Online ensures a higher score.

The GMAT consists of the following sections:

  •   The Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) is the first section of the GMAT, and requires you to complete one task: Analysis of an Argument.
  •   The Integrated Reasoning Section (IR) is the second part of the test. It presents you with 12 problems in four new formats: Graphics Interpretation, Two-Part Analysis, Table Analysis, and Multi-Source Reasoning. Each problem will require you to analyze data from charts, tables, and passages, and to make inferences.
  •   Our course gives you more than two hours of video instruction on INTEGRATED REASONING. Here, you will discover through hundreds of practice questions what this section involves, the types of problem that it will present you with, and how to resolve them.

Using GMAT Online’s targeted practice and incisive analytic tools, you’ll see your GMAT results shoot up in no time at all.


The Quantitative Section of the GMAT involves two types of questions—Data Sufficiency and Problem Solving. Its format is 37 multiple-choice questions, and you will have to answer them in 75 minutes. The Quantitative section of the GMAT, and especially Data Sufficiency, can be daunting: this subject is unique to the GMAT. These questions are not like those you may have seen in college or high school. You are going to have to get the hang of Data Sufficiency, learn test-taking strategies, and of course do a considerable  amount of practice to be successful in the Quantitative Section.

GMAT Online is an outstanding prep tutor. It gives you online access to more than 5,500 score-boosting practice questions.

The Verbal Section is the final part of the test and includes 41 multiple-choice questions. You have 75 minutes in which to answer them. There are three categories in this section: Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension. Each of these categories has a variety of question-types, some of which overlap with others. For instance, inference questions can be found in both Critical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension. And within Sentence Correction itself, the main problems in certain questions can quite easily reappear as minor problems in other questions. Sentence Correction tests not only your knowledge of grammar and idioms but also your skills in distinguishing between logical sentences and incoherent or ambiguous statements.


GMAT Online also deepens the knowledge obtained from classroom study and books, for a higher score!

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