The best thing is for you to submit it by the first or second deadline because, depending on the Business School, there is not much point in your applying at the third or fourth opportunity. We create a time-plan with you and we point out the stronger and weaker areas in your profile. We draw up a strategic approach together and we advise you on how to improve your profile. Nevertheless, the longer we have to do it, the greater our chance of increasing your possibilities of being admitted into one of the most competitive programmes.

Should I worry about not having a clear idea about the MBA that I want to follow?

Our commitment at Gmat Online is to assess you from the very outset of your MBA application process. We invite you to get into touch with us about your interests, your objectives, and your future. A specialised coach will provide you with suggestions about the MBAs and Business Schools most appropriate to your profile.

Is the result of the standardised exam (GRE/GMAT/TOEFL) the most important thing in my application?

No. Admissions committees use a much broader criterion when selecting candidates: your professional experience, your social and academic achievements, your knowledge of other work environments and cultures, and so on. These values are taken into account in the consideration of your MBA admission. While it is true that a bad result in the GMAT & TOEFL limits your possibilities of being accepted, a good result does not necessarily guarantee it. We study your profile and give you assessment in how to make the best of you stand out.

Feel welcome to ask us about anything that may help you in your admission process for the MBA!!

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