GMAT for your MBA or Master’s
Degree: a basic prerequisite

The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test): are you are planning to do an MBA? A high score in the GMAT has become a basic prerequisite for the principal business schools world-wide, and is one of the means of determining whether a student is a good candidate for an MBA or a Master’s degree.

Why is the GMAT so Important?

Business schools obtain through this examination important information about a candidate’s ability to resolve problems and perform logical analyses. The GMAT is characterized by its high level of difficulty: it is given in English, and the difficulty of any question depends on the level at which the previous one has been answered. The time for answering is limited; calculators may not be used; and the way the questions are framed is sometimes confusing and full of traps.
This examination came into being as a result of the need for an objective measurement of the capabilities of candidates from a wide variety of academic fields. The idea is clear: if a candidate obtains a high score in the GMAT, he or she is ready to do an MBA, which requires a similar level of analytical capacity.

The GMAT: Required by more than
1800 Business Schools

The GMAT is  required by some 1,800 business schools in 94 different countries. The test was created more than 50 years ago, and there are more and more institutions and universities deciding to establish it as one of the bases for their selection of candidates. In Spain, schools of recognized prestige such as the Instituto de Empresa (IE), IESE Business School, and ESADE Business School require this exam for admission into their full-time MBAs and their Master’s in Finance, Management, and so on.

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