These sentences are sometimes thought of as a student’s worst nightmare in Sentence Correction. And certainly they are not among the easiest questions that you will find in that part of the test – but then, who wants easy questions? Given that in the GMAT hard questions mean more marks if you get them right, your objective in Sentence Correction should be a good number of these long statements in which everything, or almost everything, is underlined.

This doesn’t mean that the only hard questions will be those of this type. A sentence may be short and have only a small underlined part, but contain a trap or be about something quite difficult to decide on.

Nevertheless, these long and much-underlined questions are the ones that students most dread. In part, this is because the relatively complicated syntax of the sentence may make it more difficult to understand. It is also because such longer questions tend to contain not only grammatical and idiomatic problems but also conceptual ones. Somewhere, it seems to you, something is not making sense – but you are not sure where.

In that case, go for simpler matters. The fact is that these questions tend to combine a number of errors of different kinds – and some of those errors are among the simplest in Sentence Correction: errors of subject-verb agreement or pronoun noun agreement.

In other words, don’t be discouraged by the apparent complexity of the question. The more errors the sentence combines, the greater your chances of spotting one – and errors, more often than not, reappear in at least one of the options, and often in two.

Remember that in Sentence Correction your objective should be to notice mistakes: just one small error is sufficient for you to be able to make an elimination.

In other words, long sentences with a lot of underlining can look very nasty – but their bark is often worse than their bite.

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