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  • 13 sessions of comprehensive instructions13 sessions of comprehensive instructions
  • Full-length, adaptive GMAT simulationsFull-length, adaptive GMAT simulations
  • 5500+ practice items with explanations5500+ practice items with explanations
  • Educational videosEducational videos
  • Advanced Analytic toolsAdvanced Analytic tools
  • Adaptive Learning TechnologyAdaptive Learning Technology
  • Customized PracticeCustomized Practice
  • Full Integrated Reasoning trainingFull Integrated Reasoning training
  • Unlimited access to platform from anywhereUnlimited access to platform from anywhere
  • Premium

  • 649

  • 13 sessions of comprehensive instructionsyes
  • Full-length, adaptive GMAT simulations9
  • 5500+ practice items with explanationsyes
  • Educational videosyes
  • Advanced Analytic toolsyes
  • Adaptive Learning Technologyyes
  • Customized Practiceyes
  • Full Integrated Reasoning trainingyes
  • Unlimited access to platform from anywhere6 months
  • Advanced

  • 449

  • 13 sessions of comprehensive instructionsyes
  • Full-length, adaptive GMAT simulations4
  • 5500+ practice items with explanationsyes
  • Educational videosyes
  • Advanced Analytic toolsyes
  • Adaptive Learning Technologyyes
  • Customized Practiceyes
  • Full Integrated Reasoning trainingyes
  • Unlimited access to platform from anywhere3 months

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 Answers for all your questions

Who is this GMAT program designed for?

Our GMAT preparation program is designed for postgraduate candidates who because of work often have to travel and cannot attend in-person classes. It is also structured for those who want to prepare for the GMAT on their own and at their own pace, and obtain a high score at the end of the process.

Another fundamental objective of the program is to help those who have already done the GMAT and who need to do it again in order to raise their score. The nature of the exercises and the structure of the program have this in mind.

Do I need, in addition to the online program, any books or supplementary material?

Not really, because our course has more than 5,500 questions in addition to strategies, advice, and tests. In other words, it provides everything required for effective preparation and for getting a solid conceptual groundwork. Furthermore, it has a powerful analytic tool in the form of statistical analyses that will show you how you are progressing at each stage of your preparation. If you use all the resources available to you from our course and have sufficient time to prepare thoroughly, the only thing that we would advise you to do in addition is more practice tests in real time.

How many months of study are required for a good GMAT score?

This varies in accordance with the aptitudes of candidates and the amount of time they have available, but our experience suggests that the average time required is three to four months of preparation.

Does the GMATOnline platform include computer adaptive tests (CATs)?

Yes. In accordance with the option you have chosen, you can do either 4 or 9 CATs. These are to be done in real time.

The test simulations in our online course use an algorithm very similar to that of the real GMAT because it is necessary to reflect your progress in a relevant way and give you precise indications of the score you are likely to obtain on test day.

One of the main differences between GMAT Online and other courses available on Internet is that you can create your own practice tests by using our Test Generator. This tool allows you to select from our database:

The level of difficulty of the questions;

The category of questions;

The number of questions;

And: whether the test should be non-adaptive or adaptive.

All of this is just part of what makes our course unique!

How long should I spend studying every week?

The absolute minimum time you should spend studying is eight hours per week, but this number of hours should increase as you get closer to exam day. It is worth keeping in mind that your progress speeds up as you go: take advantage of this.

The day before the exam: RELAX. This is definitely not the time for any more practice tests.

The day of the exam: WARM UP. Do just a little practice before leaving for the exam – perhaps some Verbal or Quantitative questions, or both, that you have got right some time back. This will make you more alert and work as a warm-up session before the GMAT itself.

How long is the test and what does it consist of?

The test is divided into four sections:

Analytical Writing (essay): 30 minutes

Integrated Reasoning (12 questions): 30 minutes

Quantitative (37 questions): 75 minutes

Verbal (41 questions): 75 minutes

How many practice questions do you have?

GMAT Online gives you access to more than 5,500 questions distributed among the two main sections of the exam, Quantitative and Verbal, and the new section, Integrated Reasoning. The main thing, however, is not the number of questions in the course but rather that, by using the strategies and content that the course offers, you will learn little by little to manage the time you take to answer those questions.

Where is the exam given in Spain, and where can I register?

The exam is given only in Madrid and Barcelona

You have to register on the Internet:

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