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The fastest way to be admitted to your postgraduate course!

Easy to use and very intuitive

Guided study method from the beginning to the end to obtain the highest possible grade.

You have everything you need

Content to practice with more than 540 hours of study, at your own pace, on a flexible schedule 24 hours a day.

Smart explanations

Consolidate your learning, step by step, with video explanations, written material and much more.

Test for your training

In the test generator you can choose how and what you want to practice. Questions by topics with time, without time and more options.

Before the unknown do not be afraid, have desire!

Duration and content

Access to the course for 6 months. More than 5,500 questions divided by topics. Program divided into 27 lessons with suggestions to review basic concepts which you will deal with in each lesson.

Step by step, know your strengths and weaknesses

Before starting a lesson, you will take a test to measure the academic knowledge acquired on each topic included in GMAT in Verbal and Quantitative reasoning. You will have a statistical panel, indicating your progress at all times.

Time Management Strategies

Video explanations of how to use our strategies with sample questions Strategies are useful to manage the response time in each of the sections.

Practices with adaptive tests

The course contains a powerful generator of questions so that you can choose the ones that are of greatest interest to you, in order to progress faster: You can select the questions by topics, categories, adaptive or not, with time or without time.


Prepare GMAT, with a daily record, with a structured program, detailed details, practice tests and see your progress day by day. This is your course!

Gmat Online Syllabus

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Before 345


  • 6 months of access to the course.
  • 5,500 categorized questions.
  • Math review.
  • English vocabulary review.
  • 27 lessons with explanatory videos.
  • Personalized mini-tests.
  • 4 complete adaptive tests.
Before 529


  • 4 tutorials with a live teacher.
  • 6 months of access to the course.
  • 5,500 categorized questions.
  • Math review.
  • English vocabulary review.
  • 27 lessons with explanatory videos.
  • Personalized mini-tests.
  • 4 complete adaptive tests

No credit card required.

Compare GmatOnline with other options

REGISTER Price of Self-paced course Free Trial Video Lessons Private tutoring price Score improvement guaranteePractice testsnº Questions Personalizad testLength of access
245 4 hours of tutoring from 184€ If you start from a score of 620 you can increase 50 more points 4 complete adaptive tests 5000+ questions with explanations and strategiesTest generator to customize your mini-tests, by subject level, with time without timeSix-month access
Princeton Review $699 $167 per hour620+ starting score required to be eligible for the guarantee of a 700+ score10 practice tests3,000+ practice problems Four-month access
The Economist $524 2 hours included Up to 70+ points 4 practice tests 3,000 practice questions Three-month access
Target Test Prep $499 $300 per hourScore improvement guarantee only applies to your quantitative scoreCustom practice sets3,000+ practice questionsFour-month access
Manhattan Prep / Kaplan $359 $245 per hour-6 practice tests-Six-month access
e-GMAT $299 - - 5 practice tests 4,500+ questions Four-month access
Magoosh $259 $110 per hour 50+ score improvement guarantee 2 practice tests 1,300+ practice question One-year access
PrepScholar $259 4 hours of tutoring from $79960+ score guarantee4 practice tests1,000+ questionsFour-month access


· Candidates who want to do a postgraduate degree.
· EMBA candidates who need to prepare the Executive Assessment.
· Job seekers in international consultancies.
. People who want to add value to their CV.

It is not necessary to buy more resources, since it contains everything you need to do a complete preparation: more than 5,000 questions, videos with explanations, strategies, the option to take personalized mini-tests and complete adaptive tests.

Yes, you can register for this course. Previously and before starting a lesson, the topics that are going to be covered are indicated and, if you need it, you can review the basic concepts of Quantitative and Verbal to refresh what you think is necessary.

Gmat is a logic and skills test that measures the knowledge acquired in the university career, but the approach of the questions in most cases, are confusing and with some traps that make understanding difficult. For the time spent to be productive, we do not recommend spending more than 3 hours a day.

Yes, you have the option of doing tutorials with a specialized teacher at an extra cost. 

The higher your level of English, the easier it will be for you to understand the contents of each section and, especially, the Verbal section, which is the most subjective part. At GMATOnline English vocabulary specific for GMAT.

The preparation time may vary depending on the aptitudes of each candidate, the constancy and time available. From our experience, the average duration is 3 months. Access to the course is for a maximum of 6 months.

One of the main differences between GMATOnline and other courses is that you can customize your own tests. The course contains a powerful generator of questions so that you can choose the ones that are of interest to you: by topics, categories, adaptive or not, with time or without time.

The exam can be taken every week and is held in Barcelona and Madrid.

GMATOnline can be used on a computer, tablet or mobile, and is compatible with most web browsers. You just need a good internet connection and you will have no problem practicing from wherever you are.


People have trusted us.

About us

Our platform has been developed by a team of experts in GMAT preparation who, in turn, collaborate with Técnicas Lingüísticas Aplicadas and

The main objective of organizations is to make available to students who take the GMAT, online tools for theoretical and practical study, which guarantee a good and effective preparation.

GmatOline is attached to Técnicas Lingüísticas Aplicadas, a reference center in the preparation of official exams, based in Barcelona since 1993.

This platform was developed by a team of technical professionals with the support of tutors who have obtained 790 in GMAT.

GmatOnline differs from other platforms: because of the number of questions, it puts at your disposal -more than 5000-, because of the option to customize your own tests and because of the clarity with which we present the "strategies" so that its application is more understandable, in the main sections.

GmatOnline also offers a variety of possibilities to make an effective preparation such as: full course, partial course, and course with tutorials.

Our platform has everything you need for your preparation: stop buying books and practice tests because it will always be very limited, and a lot of content is needed to prepare 100% efficiently.

In GmatOnline you also have other resources that will help you in your preparation: review of basic concepts of mathematics, specific vocabulary, and personalized advice.


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